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With every new year come the resolutions. Even though fifty per cent of people give up within the first three months of the year, I can’t think of a better way to start a new year. And they’re fun!

When it comes to resolutions, I’ve always failed abysmally at them. I usually set very high standards for myself, even when it comes to resolutions. The thing is, I’m able to excel at anything I set against myself, save the resolutions. I guess my way of living and habits are so hardwired into my psyche I couldn’t change them even if I’d wanted to.

But an online friend gave me this little piece on resolutions and I thought it was really brilliant. It made me realise that you don’t always have to do great or big things in life, you can do small things with great dedication. I’m gunna put it up here and try to follow it all year long for the rest of my life hopefully!

1. Be observant.
2. Never let any idea go uncaptured.
3. Try to learn something from the people you meet.
4. Take a book or magazine wherever you go.
5. Allocate a minimum of 30 minutes to read a book.
6. Meditate.
7. Take time to reflect on your day. What have you done right? What have
you done wrong? What can you do to improve yourself?
8. Drink water a lot.
9. Exercise.
10. Read a collection of quotes.
11. Choose a quote of the day to ponder and apply.
12. Take notes of every expense you make.
13. Do something for the first time.
14. Effectively read online articles.
15. Use timer to help you actually do what you need to do.
16. Learn to use a tool, either to improve your skill
with a familiar tool or to learn a new tool.
17. Take time to review your life purpose and goals.
18. Rise early.
19. Listen to educational or motivational audio programme when you are
doing activities which do not need full concentration.
20. Be grateful for your day.
21. Read a random article to expose you to new things.
22. Have fun. Be passionate about life.

– Donald Latumahina


The Heart of All Things

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Take up a painting masterpiece, and have a long, hard look at it. What is it exactly that makes it so remarkable? The rendering of a perfect sketch, the individual brushstrokes, or the specific colours?
Take up a work of literature and try to deduce what its greatest highlight is – is it the words themselves, or the language that is so overflowing and rich?
Take up a musical piece and ask yourself what makes it get stuck in your head – the use of the individual instruments, the lyrics or the voice?

Or, in all the three cases, something entirely different, utterly independent, the very essence of that respective work?

In the painting, the choice of the colours or the depiction of individual figures are only the things that add to the beauty; but the essence of the painting can only be felt when taken in and seen as a whole – the rendering of an thought into a picture.
In the piece of literature, the words themselves can only but bring the forth the idea into a more precise or desirable manner, but without capturing strong ideas, the work will be equivalent to a show of jewellery on a scarecrow.
And music – is this perhaps the most abstract of all? The core of music is utterly intangible; and the tune itself, the most important element – is something that defines music, and is yet indefinable at the same time, something that cannot be expressed and yet is wholly expressive, something that can speak volumes without saying a word.

The heart of all things lies in the vague and elusive. It can’t be told, it can only be felt.

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