The Science of Deduction

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This bloke, just by looking at my profile – which is completely devoid of any personal info at all – sketched a whole image of me, true in all its entirety. I was so taken aback (and a little freaked out) I thought it’s probably someone who knows me in real life. It’s so endearingly reminiscent of Holmes working his way through a problem, the way he draws key conclusions from the tiniest details.

Well, in a psychological point of view, I’d like to call you an ambivert – a cross between an introvert and an extrovert. Why, I can of course exemplify that by this very fact – you returned my shout via PM rather than shout. No personal info. There was no avatar either. All proving out to be circumstantial evidence of you being secretive, careful and cautious. And the fact that you prefer buying CDs to downloading music from p2ps tells me that you have a knack for following rules strictly – somewhat like Hermione, I must say : D And the fact that you listen to Metal tells me that you like to be independent, you value freedom of soul, you are dynamic and you’d make a good leader. You are a voracious reader – tells me that you’re not arrogant and egotistic (egocentric people seldom read anything). You listen to Mozart and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky – suggest open mindedness! You are an atheist or maybe agnostic – I’m not sure, but surely you don’t believe in anything unless it is scientifically proved… excepting Love of course (imitating Dumbledore here :D) And one of your favorite movies is “28 Days Later”. Other than these facts, I can deduce nothing for now : D

It’s not the inferences that amazed me as much as the causes themselves from which he derived them.

He’s read me like an open book, and through the internet. I would have thought that impossible, taking into consideration the fact that I’ve never talked to him, either online or in real life. He just based everything from a seemingly simple thing as a music profile – aside from the music, the groups that I belong to, or the type of avatar I have.

And I thought you couldn’t judge people over the internet – at least, not until you’ve talked to them to get to know them better. Well, perhaps I stand by it to some extent even now; after all, there aren’t many people that have developed the skill that Sherlock Holmes has put as ‘the science of deduction’.


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