am. 17. impatient. intuitive. atheist. stubborn. feminist. impulsive. imaginative. free. contradictive.
am not. selfish. bored. stupid. conceited. narrow minded. unenthusiastic. indifferent.
love. simplicity. books. studying people. cultures. physics.
pink floyd. chocolate. mint. metal. rain. psychology. doodling. nature. humour. history. coffee. writing. adventure. power. mysteries. small letters. staring into space. led zeppelin. acting like a five year old. originality. learning. having fun.
hate. makeup. religion. homophobes. racists. sexists. rap. tea. pessimists. people with no will power. shopping. hypocrisy. sundays. pink. boredom. violence. exercise. stereotypes. txt spk. backstabbers.
can. talk super fast. memorise things quickly. annoy. answer back readily. chatter. hold grudes. forgive. bitch. do death growls. yell. laugh for no reason.
cannot. maintain a poker face. be gloomy for long. resist answering in class. shut up. work with photoshop.



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  1. hi there…haven’t got an idea how i came upon your blog but it captured my attention for like a good part of evening in which i really should have done an important essay…well,i still don’t know if i would have done it anyway….springtime is bringing me into a state of hibernating:))…more of a dreaming activity…
    i do like your writing and appreciate your outlook.you do seem original.keep going.also,if you allow me,you shouldn’t let certain particularities to overtake your general image upon a certain subject,i mean about definitive labeling on something…uh,whatever
    but i find your personality interesting,good thing starting a blog


    re: Thanks Cristiana. Darn those essays! I so love writing them, but of the 9234213 thoughts bombarding my mind every minute, it becomes a wee bit of a problem to sort them all out ^_^”

  2. Hi, was going through my blog stats and noticed your URL… I must say I love mint too and that more than anything made me come here… I like your topics and will be taking an indepth look soon.

    Keep writing and I look forward to interacting more via the blog.


    re: Hello, and thanks! Another mint lover! *high-fives*

  3. Hey there. Thanks for dropping by my blog. You’re very prolific in your writing. And your writing “voice” is distinct and strong; such a wonderful gift you have. Keep on.


    re: Thanks John! Whey, another Ayn Rand fan! =D

  4. love your blog, and will definitely read it more in depth when i have the time.

    re: Thanks j =]

  5. Hi there, thanks for the introduction.

    had a sniff around and your blog looks really interesting – I like the way you write straight forward yet thoughtful & funny.

    Just one question – you say you hate tea, but what are your thoughts on mint tea??

    Cheers P

    re: Hi, thankee =D Haha, mint tea? I think it’s lovely. anything + mint is lovely!

  6. ouch, ouch, ouch, you hate me on several counts-but I sure ain’t gonna say which, not without a tin hat on anyway. :)hi

    Re: haha, oh dear, is it because you imagine it’s Paul, not John? =P (well, for the fact it’s John =D) *hands tin hat* there ya go =]

  7. I gotta’ tell ya, I’m not the biggest mint fan outside the realm of chocolate and hotel ‘gift baskets’, but I can tell you this much: I LOVE death growls. I call ’em Bowser Roars, but I’m a game-nerd, so y’know; a rose by any other name and all that. Anyways, saw your comment on my blog, it’s good to see other people out there who understand this ridiculousness, though I suppose it’s not the most beneficial thing to have in common. Mind if I like your blog to mine? I read your latest; pretty funny. :]

    Re: I know! Aren’t death growls just awesome? More so when you can pull them off effortlessly =P Poor wee kiddies, scares them pretty bad but =D And oh, sure, go ahead!

  8. I can see why people think you talk a lot, ha. One question though, how can you hate people with no will power, have you never been in a situation where you felt powerless? food for thought…enjoyed you blog and will return

  9. Oh dear, is that so obvious? ^^”

    As regards the question of willpower – there is a distinction I make between ‘being helpless’ and ‘feeling helpless’. The former is dependent on circumstance and is, by all means, unavoidable. The latter depends on choice.

    You see, as human beings all of us find ourselves, at some point, weak and helpless. And that is essentially a necessity – but it is there for a reason, for us to grow stronger mentally, emotionally or spiritually. That’s where will comes in. It’s an instrument that’s always at your disposal – I would say the most powerful instrument of all. If, instead of putting it to use and harnessing to wade through, we continue to wallow in our ocean of self-inflected despair, that would be a great waste.

    I don’t mean to say we have to keep our peckers up all the time. Of course we’re allowed moments of helplessness and despair. We would be inhuman if we weren’t. But let it never be said that we gave up.

    Good Lord, maybe it is really obvious that I talk too much. *shuts the hell up*

  10. Where are you mint-loving dreamer! Your insights + thoughts are dearly missed.

  11. thanks for what you wrote on my blog. i appreciate the lengthy response. you’re style of writing i enjoy reading, your thoughts and expression interest me. been scrolling through a few of your entries. i hope you return to blogging, your blog is one i would keep up with.

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