Blah Doesn’t Even Begin to Cover It

November 7, 2008 at 8:06 pm | Posted in Me + Myself + I, Randomosities + Rubbish | 11 Comments
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I swear, if I had a quid every time I’ve cursed my own stupidity, I would rival Bill Gates’ record as the richest person on earth. Hell, I could make his fortune seem like a joke in comparison.

Those impulsive, hastened, rushed, I-don’t-know-what-I-was-thinking moments. Oh, how I loathe them. Whether it is shooting my hand into the air in class as soon as a what, why, how, which is uttered by a teacher, or jumping down an innocent bystander’s throat when I catch them playing a song I dislike in public out loud, or deleting my previous posts by mistake – I don’t know how I manage to rise to extraordinary heights of stupidity.

Impatience, impulsiveness, irritability, I’m all rolled into one. I need patience more desperately than Wall Street needs credit, than George Bush needs grammar lessons, and Pete Wentz a decent haircut.

The other day, for instance, I had just finished explaining my case of why I thought non-rhyming poetry superior to the rhyming sort, to a classmate who stood there looking at me with a fazed expression on his face.

Me: …Rhyming poetry has an element of structural arrangement to it. Non-rhyming poetry is more open and free-flowing, you see. It’s unconventional, it doesn’t follow standard patterns. Therefore it seems somehow more natural, like sort of resembling a jigsaw falling into place…
(interrupting) I’m sorry, what? I didn’t catch half of what you said. You talk too fast.
Me: (promptly shuts up)

Honestly, I have no idea why it has to be like this every time. Anyway, the moral of the story is:

1) When people say you talk too fast, it’s their fault for lacking in listening skills.
2) ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR STUFF. Unless you happen to have an awesome photographic memory like me, in which case you can type out yours posts word for word, like I did.



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  1. I suffer from similar problems. I tend to talk either too fast or too fast about no discernable subject whatsoever. Going off on a tangent is fun at the time, but kind of embarrassing when people look at you like a dog that’s just been shown a card trick =P

  2. Aye, but society I believe has a distaste for anything out of the normal. You have these rigid set of unwritten rules, if you waver ever so lightly from them folks begin to look at you funny.

    Good to know I’m not the only one =P

  3. You’re not the only one at all…I tend to start talking really fast, get self-conscious and then burst out laughing. People just look at me like I’ve suddenly grown an extra head. It’s kind of funny actually.

  4. Maybe it’s time to found the “A Quid Every Time I Curse My Stupidity Club”. All you’d to do to became a member is to live just like you did before. Huge success, billions join immediately… :oP

    I like rhyming poetry. ‘cos it rhymes and usually has a good rhythm. Being a kind of a musician (wannabe) I appreciate that. Easier to write a song for.
    And I like non-rhyming poetry too. ‘cos it’s unconventional. And easy to write. You just hit the Enter randomly while typing. @-)

    Call me Confucius. Slowly :o)

  5. […] Blah Doesn’t Even Begin to Cover It […]

  6. ramblerock: You mean I’m not the only lunatic around? *relieved* Well, it’s good to know =D

    Jozef: Confucius:

    Rofl. Brilliant idea!
    1. Recruit folks stupid extraordinaire (aka politicians, fundamentalists, and celebrities)
    2. Put them together in an enclosed room for about two hours
    3. ????
    4. PROFIT!

  7. Haha, hahaha, hehe, hihihi, ahahahaahah… OMG, hahahaha, OMFG, hihihihi, heheheheeheheheheheheheheheheheehehe help, I can’stop… hihihihihi… You are brilliant :oD

  8. Haha, why thanks. You can share the net profit. =P In this extraordinary bid to takeover the world, which involves buying of Microsoft, tea on evenings with the Pope, a foolproof stock market conspiracy and the takeover of Disneyland to boot, we shall end up ruling the world. =P Then we can recruit Warren Buffet, Donald Trump and ‘Billy Boy’ for cleaning and dusting jobs. :P

  9. Not again… hihihihihihi :oD

  10. i think your brains moves too fast, that’s why your mouth follows suit. :P i, on the other hand, have a cranky engine of a brain. i always um, ah, repeat, get stumped for a word… basically making myself sound like the dumbest idiot.

  11. haha, I take that as a compliment :P Oh well, but I would say it’s safer your way, I mean at least your elusiveness of words prevent you from making those impulsive, stupid remarks which result from rapid speed-of-light speech, like me =P

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