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Until very recently I used to be in a fit of nerves whenever there were exams approaching. I’d abandon the usual routine, IMing, listening to music, painting, evening walks by the beach. I’d take them very seriously. But now I’ve come to realise that exams are not as important as I made them out to be all my life. At least, not these kind of exams. The kind that the world thinks are incredibly important for a person to make their lives successful. You have to race through the textbooks, learn whatever is specified in the syllabus, and then pour everything out on paper in a given period of two or three hours. Is this the kind of thing that determines how much far in life you’ll go?

How can you test anything by that? If people want to do that, why don’t they see the whole world as a learning source for students, instead of half a dozen textbooks? Wouldn’t you learn much better this way?

Everyone I know thinks I’m barking mad to have such a kind of view, but I know I’m right anyway. I just wish people were a bit open minded. But until I can make people see sense, I have to give my best on this one.

Biology seems impossible, chemistry OK, physics great as ever, maths more awesome than usual. Languages are in the bag.

They’re just a week away! I wish I had more time until I could be sure I was completely perfect with everything. But perhaps the perfect never arrives. Or perhaps does arrive in time but you refuse to notice it and you continue with your endless attempts.

I can’t believe I’m getting philosophical even on exams.

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  1. I agree, the current educational system is crap everywhere. It’s creating masses of half-brained prisoners (robots?). But ironically, most of the time people who hate it still have great grades / do wonderfully at exams ;) Good luck!

    PS. Just noticed your librarything — checking it out now.

  2. At last someone who agrees with me!

    I really think a major educational breakthrough is needed which emphasises creativity/free thinking more. Oh and that’s a good point actually…they’re creating ‘robots’ indeed, with assigning the present characteristics to education; isn’t it all kind of fixed, programmed? Education should incorporate practical lessons and characteristics attributed to humans, not machines.

    And er…my library thing is shamefully out-of-date, it would take ages to catalogue all my books :-D

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