Why Is It Always Me?

December 10, 2007 at 11:41 am | Posted in Randomosities + Rubbish | Leave a comment
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So I have been asking myself this question since I don’t know when. Probably when I first lost my third successive watch, or when I spilled the water jug for the millionth time at the table, or when I smashed one of mum’s most expensive mugs to pieces.

I am not heavy-handed with things. I don’t generally damage CDs, books, stationery, stuff like that. But when it comes to things such as ear-rings or glasses, I either lose them or damage them permanently.

I’m frequently (or rather, daily) criticised for being so careless. Well, guess what? I really don’t think I can do anything about it. However hard I try, it just happens. It happens, moreover, to just me. None of my friends or siblings or family have known a person who regularly cost them loss on such a frequent basis, or are like me in the least themselves.

No, it is always me who breaks, smashes, loses, damages, spills, drops.

Yesterday, for instance, I was wearing a red, long, flowing sort of skirt. Nothing could probably go wrong. I was in the the living room, and some idiot had left a water jug on the floor. I didn’t notice the jug, and walked past. In one sweep of my skirt, the jug toppled over, water spilled a feet over and my skirt got wet. Hmph! Naturally I was once again repremanded for my carelessness, but why the hell did anyone have to leave that jug lying there of all places? And I wasn’t looking at the floor when I was walking, I was in my own house, not on the street or in the park.

I also remember when I’d recived a brand new geometry set from a relative abroad as a present. I ripped open the package with delight. As I was examining the shiny silver compass, it just dropped down from my hands. Next thing I knew, the compass’s sharp point was damaged and the new compass was rendered useless. I also lost my mp3 player in the Underground (I still remember the lecture that followed). And once, when I was carrying my brother’s PSP to plug the charger in, it just slipped through my hands – luckily, the fall was short, so it didn’t cause any visible damage (and I thought it wise not to tell my brother that I had dropped his PSP).

To be honest, I think there’s more to it than I thought there was. From my initial ‘why-only-me’ I’ve moved to ‘why-me-at-all’. If I were living in the 8 century BC, I’d probably say I’m jinxed. But really, I think it’s just me not paying enough attention to everyday things (though that doesn’t explain why I’ve never damaged a single book). Honestly, I’m a bit alarmed…if this continues, I don’t know where I’m going to end up. I really don’t think it’s funny or amusing or anything like that. It’s dead serious. If I continue overlooking little things, they may cost me my job tomorrow. Who knows, even my life. Or others’.

So it’s time for paying more attention to Little Things. Because they matter. Well, sometimes just as much as the Big Things, and sometimes even more.

Yay for responsibility.

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