The Perils of Indifference

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Sometimes I begin to lose faith in the human race. Well, anyone would, if they were living in the 21st century and experiencing things that make it look like the 6th century BC.

Iran, one of the deepest concerns of the civilised (note I said civilised – the Iranian politicians are certainly not included in it) world, can be bad on so many levels. Just how much, I’m not sure.

The Times reported that the Iranian government is cracking down on women who supposedly sport “western” clothing. This means, that women wearing jeans – Jesus fuck, jeans – have to be punished under the Iranian law. What the fuck?!

I can’t believe that people are letting this happen. I can’t imagine how I would be able to survive if I had to live covered in a bloody veil all the time. Punishment for wearing trousers, that is fucking insane! But that’s only the half of it. Discrimination against women has always been a part of the Islamic ideology, but Christ, I didn’t know the fucktards had some male-inclined policies too. Iranian men sporting long hair are also to be punishable under law.

I don’t know what the worst part of this whole business is:

1. The implementation of such policies in the first place
2. The plight of the people who have to put up with this shite, through no fault of theirs
3. The world’s apathy to such policies, and their continuation in the 21st century

George W. Bush, surely the dumbest politician the world has ever seen – invaded Iraq on the grounds of possession of weapons of mass destruction, and is concerned over Iran’s possible development of nuclear weapons – wouldn’t his time have been better devoted if he’d just done something to stop all this crazy shite?

Why is the world silent? Why don’t the people in power do something? What does the United Nations stand for? What are Amnesty International doing? What is our talk of human rights worth?

Elie Wiesel said in his speech, ‘The perils of indifference’ that when the holocaust took place and they were forced into concentration camps, the Jews were convinced that apart from Hitler and his faithful lapdogs, nobody else had wind of this business. He talks about the shock they went through when the discovered that the rest of the world governments knew about the Holocaust. The governments were silent, they let it happen, they didn’t intervene. Wiesel said that this was terrible, the indifference to so many people on such a large scale. In this speech that he made in December of 1999 – just at the dawn of a new millennium – Wiesel expressed hope that the new millennium would not witness such a disaster; that whatever happens, people wouldn’t tolerate an event like that ever again. That this time, people would intervene.

The holocaust, one of the worst events in modern history – was more that half a century ago. And today, all these years later, where do we stand? Have we become wiser? I think not. If there are things like guns being handed over to minors, religion-influenced government policies, suicide bombings by teenagers, if these are all the crazy things happening again and again, and being tolerated by the world all over again, I don’t think we’re much better off than we were a thousand years ago.

The world has so many problems. Will they never end? Is it impossible to even make an attempt? All of them can be dealt with one by one, if only both the world governments, and the people, come together and decide to fight them – not for the sake of their own families, religions or for their countries – but for the human race, and other creatures – as a whole.

Oh, and as for the Iranian people…honestly I’m so mad that they have to bear with this. It isn’t their bloody fault. Religion is evil enough on its own, but when it is allied with greedy and hungry politicians, all hell is sure to be unleashed. The worst part is, if you try to protest or so much as voice your opinion in the country – you and your family will be hunted down and shot down cold, by the state itself.

I wish I could knock some sense into the sleeping politicians and ‘leaders’ (retards, more like) out there. I hate the indifferent people as much as the supporters themselves. This can be ended! Talibanism and extremist religious policies can be curbed. It will take time, but at least we can try! If only people weren’t so selfish, so indifferent, we would have less that half the suffering in the world.

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