Dear Prudence

November 2, 2007 at 8:35 am | Posted in Life as I See It | Leave a comment

It’s in honour of the Beatles that I’ve titled this entry. After listening to it this morning, I finally felt compelled to break the silence of a month and a half.

‘The sun is up, the sky is blue,
It’s beautiful, and so are you.’

The song’s immediate effect it to cause you to question your way of living.

The answer to the question, ‘How do I live?’ is familiar enough, but the question is strange, to me. Probably because I’ve never seen it in that context – it was just an isolated thing, that is, it was not an answer at all, because there was no question in the first place. It’s one of the things I love about questions, they fuel your perspective.

I could answer the question, ‘How do I live?’ in two perspectives. Number one: I get up at 6 o’clock, I’m just on time for college, I eat this, I wear that. But the second, a far more complicated, perspective, is this. You know the saying, ‘live life large’? Well, that’s what I do, but I also view life large.

I try to view things in a global perspective. I’ve relaxed a bit, and I swear. I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t. I value friendship and friends mean more to me than I ever tell them. I believe that respect should be earned and I give respect to those who earn it. I get irritated easily, and I admit, I do nothing to keep my temper under control. I think I’m living life restlessly, expectedly. Recklessly.

But also (I hope) usefully. My life is nothing if it doesn’t go out to the benefit of those whose lives are undoubtedly linked with my own, knowingly or unknowingly. The people who are unknown to me and those whom I am unknown to. All those who supposedly ‘know’ me in real life have dismissed this belief as foolish. I know they’re all wrong.

I have a strong passion for justice. And love for precise knowledge. Desire for truth, opportunity, innovation. There are some very, very few persons I know, who are so kind, inspiring and perfect. I don’t lose an instant to let them know that. Good people are incredibly rare.

I’m outgoing, except when I am in one of my introspective moods. Freedom is important to me. I know I tend to dominate and have a liking for power. But it really isn’t what people would think, it’s not in the least for my personal gain. In fact there are no personal gains – except the simple joys of daily life – for me. A good book, a tasty meal, a great song, a beautiful landscape, a committed, strong and faithful friendship. These are my joys.

I live and breathe dreams. The people who have no dreams are the poorest of all. I hold on to optimism strongly, I even advocate it.

Perhaps there isn’t a single answer to the question at all? You live life in different ways. You live it within yourself, you live it in the midst of others, you live it sometimes as introverted and extroverted at other times.

But most of all, I live life thrillingly. There’s a lot to be learnt, gained, and risked.

Life is one big adventure, or nothing.

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