The Dead, the Living and the Unborn

September 20, 2007 at 7:12 pm | Posted in Life as I See It | Leave a comment
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I wonder why it’s like this. I know that mood swings are common to everyone but in my case I’d always thought it wasn’t such a big deal. I always managed to keep my spirits up however bad things seemed. But not anymore. And I think I know why.

I’ve lost the ability to lose myself. I had always thought that whenever life seems tough, you just have to lose yourself, and all things will come to pass. And there are several things that help you lose yourself: books, TV, music, friends, nature or your own imagination. You lose yourself, and all your worries will, in time, fade away. Nothing is ever permanent, and that’s the law of life. My optimism always enabled me to face the trying Today in the hope of a brighter Tomorrow. That way I was able to sustain myself. But now, though, I sometimes think, was I cheating myself? Is it possible to ignore the present and live in the future? Or for that matter, to live all the best memories of your past, and hope that they’ll return, that the present bad days will be over and the good old happy days’ll return?

Can you manage to live by ignoring Today and living in Yesterday and Tomorrow instead?

It seemed to work for me and still does. But something tells me that isn’t the answer.

Is life Yesterday? No, it’s dead.
Is life Tomorrow? No, it’s unborn.
Is life Today? Yes. It’s Living.

That’s why it is life. Whatever problems I have, I can always look for strength. It’s all around me, and that is why need to lose myself – but lose myself in the present. Sure I can draw inspiration from history – but I have to find its relevance to myself and my Today. Sure I can dream of a wonderful Tomorrow but I have to know where I am Today. However stern the face of Today maybe, there are still so many things that can bring joy to a person. There is music, there are books, people, sport, painting, dancing, laughing, all the simplest and best of human activities. But the real inspiration is not to be found from an external source. It’s to be drawn from within. And it’s found in the will to live.

The greatest inspiration of life is Life itself. The will to live, and the thrill of being alive. All other things, achievements, failures, problems, solutions, the past, and the future, are insubstantial when pitched against the present – the reality of being alive. And every time I re-realise this, I think these times, any times…are the best of times after all.

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